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From The Desk Of The Principal
Under the benign and benevolent leadership of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS, our community children have earned a place of repute among the students of other educational institutes. With the strong religious values at the helm, they have armed themselves with all the fringe and frill necessary for not just a commonplace, but a sublime and enviable existence in this world.

Al Maula al Ajal Syedi Aali Qadr Mufaddal BS Saifuddin TUS has time and again called for the as required upbrining of our young ones. In more than one of his Khitabs, he has directly addressed the young generation to stand up to the challenges of the world and face them head-on with the power of muhabbat for awliya'ullah(as).

We,Panerai Replica Watches at al Madrasah al Saifiyah al Burhaniya, day-in and day-out, cater to fulfill the wishes of our beloved Maula TUS. The young minds coming to us are indeed gems put into our security by their parents. We see to it that these gems get enhanced in their purity, polish and finally the price, when they graduate from al Madrasah.

May Allah provide us strength and will to serve our Maula TUS by serving our community. May He bless our beloved Maula and his Mansoos with everlasting healthy life.

Mrs. Raziya Abid Husain