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Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, a patron of education, has to his credit, the setting up of an international chain of schools under the name "Al-Madrasa-Tus-Saifiya-Tul-Burhaniyah" now known as the M. S. B. Educational Institutes. There are about nineteen such schools in countries such as India, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and the United Arab Emirates. These institutions mirror all that a regular school should embody in providing complete preprimary, primary and secondary education with a curriculum that is enhanced by the learning of Islamic rudiments, thus meshing the secular with the religious.

The MSB Educational Institute, Nagpur is affiliated to the ICSE board. Constant additionts to its infrastructure have been done over the past years including a change of Board from State Board to the ICSE in the year 2001. The School runs classes from Pre- Nursery to Std. X.The School has four Sections , Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle and Secondary ;each headed by a Section Head.At the moment there are two stream from Nursery to X. The average strength of a class is 30 with a student teacher ratio of 11:1.

The aim of MSB Nagpur, as all MSB's, has been to focus on Tarbiyat and Taleem i.e. Holistic Education with grooming as per the culture of the Bohra Community.

At MSB Nagpur, it is the aim not to produce only academically bright students, but to send into the world academically educated individuals, proud of their own culture and with their roots firmly fixed to the soil of their beliefs and traditions.

We, at MSB, Nagpur understand that all students cannot be academically brilliant, as all fingers of a hand are not of one size, but as in the fingers, each individual has his / her own important place in society and is an asset to society. Hence academic brilliance takes a second seat to smart, well adjusted individuals each doing his / her best in a chosen field.


The school subscribes to the philosophy of the four learning centers as illustrated and elaborated by Dr Syedi Yusuf Bhaisaheb Najmuddin Saheb, comprising of the amalgamation of the Masjid, Madrasa ,Mujtama and Manzil, where all four combine to give a total learning experience for life. We house all four giving our students the exposure to all of these bringing out the best in them, benefiting not just them but the society , nation & world at large.

The philosophy and outlook of the Madrasa system of education has been beautifully summarized in the words of Ayman Behnsaheb Kalimuddin, Director of the worldwide network of Madrasas:

"We are trying to foster an Islamic way of thinking about all aspects of learning-geography, history, math, all of it. If we teach children about monsoons, we not only teach them the scientific causes for such weather conditions, but also the Qur'anic verses describing heavy rainfall as a sign of God's power. We do not see modern Western education as being antithetical to Islam at all: in today's world, a person must be thoroughly grounded in every form of knowledge in order to function in a wider society. But we try to give our students the Islamic basis to underline this education.


Keeping in line with the Vision of Aqa Maula, our students should be prepared to enable them to be entrepreneurs, but with a solid professional base. It is not that just because business is the major aim, education or professional qualifications are to be undermined; in fact, it attains a very important position because bussinesses run by professionals grow and flourish.

To be a vibrant learning society in which the school works within the community and in partnership with the parents and other stake holders in the field of education. In our learning society learners will make good progress and achieve their potential.

There will be continuous improvement and innovation in both learning and teaching. Teachers and students will be self improving and self evaluating. Curriculum will be broad, balanced, forward looking and prepare the young students for active citizenship and to lead. To raise the standards of English, Science and Mathematics among the students. To provide vocational training compulsorily to students under SUPW at V-IX level. To incorporate IT in our teaching learning methodologies. MSB, being a part of the vision of His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb TUS, enjoys his special blessings and therefore is truly a blessed educational venture, prospering with the grace of the Almighty.

MSB offers something special for the basic schooling years in the form of an environment that focuses on the student. As, MSB devotes itself exclusively to educating the students in consonance with Deen, one finds an extra measure of enthusiasm, eagerness, support and encoragement at MSB. No stone is left unturned to ensure the success of our students not only aceadmically but also spiritually.